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This slot machine is all about basketball, from the symbols to how much you can bet. It has 243 paylines and offers players 3 rows of 5 reels each for their enjoyment!

The basketball star has an RTP of 96.52%. It is easy to get addicted to the cascading wilds on third, fourth and fifth wheels that expand when they appear in your bet line-up, giving you more chances at expanding them too! You can also enjoy up to 25 free spins while keeping it low – just $0 .50 minimum investment per spin so far as well.

Basketball by Evoplay

The crowd’s screams of excitement add a thrill to the game, similar to being courtside.

Basketball by Evoplay

The slot machine’s backdrop is a basketball court. On either side, you’ll see the nets and stadium full of fans as it features standard 9-A symbols, which appear in different coloured jerseys with animal masks representing teams playing at courts like this one!

The minimum wager for basketball is $0.20, and this 5-reel video slot operates on 20 paylines with eight free spins that can be unlocked by three or more scatters (flaming ball symbols). Wild balls are also present during these bonus rounds, meaning they stay in place until regular play resumes after being landed; each sticky landing wild will make its spot permanent!

Basketball by Evoplay

The slot only has a 94.8% RTP, but it makes up for this with entertaining music and an energetic crowd! Evoplay Cooproration has created an excellent free-play experience that will have you on your feet all night long.

Money Shot by WGS Technology

With 20 paylines and 5 reels, this basketball slot machine is the perfect way to waste your time. The symbols are customized for a sporty theme with lower-paying images, including whistles or rackets instead of shoes!

There’s a lot of money in this game. The all-star jersey, mascot and cheerleaders are among the higher-paying symbols, while bonuses give you an opportunity for big jackpots with single basketballs or wild cards that can lead to three-player stacks!

The minimum bet is 20 cents, and the maximum can be as much as 200 dollars. If you’re lucky enough to find it, there’s also a 10k coin jackpot waiting for your successful shot! The bonus round consists of shooting at nets with different winning amounts that will determine how much money we win overall in this game played by all-around town, rightfully so-called “The Big Easy.”

Slot Dunk by Pragmatic Play

The excitement of a slot machine with the thrill and adrenaline-filled moments that come from completing an impossible dunk. Slot Dunk by Pragmatic Play has 5 reels, 3 rows where each row represents one minute in time (with 20 pay lines), minimum bet size of $0.20, but it can go up to 200 coins per line if you have enough coins!

The hippo cheerleaders are the wild symbol, while zebra and rhino fans make up for a perfect round. If you land three or more scatters in one go, then 13 free spins will be triggered! To start this bonus game, just hit at least two BonusSymbols with your bet to win some extra cash – but remember that number matters too, so don’t forget about it when picking which symbols appear next time around..

As the reels spin, you can hear a basketball bouncing and everyone going nuts!

Slam Dunk by iSoftBet

Using the Acme Corp. logo, this game has 5 reels and 9 paylines with a minimum bet of $0 1-5 dollar bills up to five dollars per line! The symbols include cheerleaders (one’s #1), referees (#2), and acrobats in front wearing shoes that say “SWEET KICKS” 3 times on them 4). Sweet kicks – which are cool looking, I might add 😉 And lastly, there are just regular dunking basketball players, too.

players can win big in this game by landing on the wild symbol, a jersey from legend Michael Jordan. You’ll also find golden trophies as scattered symbols and 3 or more Super Bonus icons (a basketball player wearing green) that trigger bonus rounds where you could get one precious reward!

The game is more exciting with the option to go for double or nothing after every win. In this mini-game, you have an opportunity of turning over one card from each colour group on your turn – if it’s not already revealed! Of course, there are also consequences should things not work out as planned: either loss of everything won so far in that spin plus any previous fortunes gained through guessing correctly; alternatively, simply facing whatever will be exposed next without knowing what colours lie beneath them.


The best online casino game for you will be determined by your tastes and preferences. Whether it’s slots, table games or video poker – there are plenty of options available in every category! No matter what kind of player (or money maker)you may want to become at basketball-related gambling sessions on these websites; we’ve got just the thing waiting inside them all.

The five best basketball-themed online casino games are about variety. There’s a symbol for every taste and sound effect that perfectly matches the theme, from chaotic cheering to mellow background music–perfect if you want an added level of excitement!